Here is a list of home accessories that will satisfy your inner geek. Geek Pillows, geek doormats, geek curtains, we got them all!

Here is another cushion that prints out the directory listing in DOS.

Are we done with pillows yet? No chance! This pillow by Offline shirts tries to emphasize your ‘non-geekiness’.

Check out the music playing pillow

Feeling stressed out after a rough day? Try the Hearbeat pillow from Think Geek that vibrates with a special rhythmic heart beat to calm your nerves.

Designer Carlo Jorges has found a new way to decorate wall: Using images from the online photo sharing community – Flickr.

We have heard ‘There is no place like home’. But ‘No place like your IP address’.

Want to show your geeky side to your guests? Serve them coffee on this set by MOD Design and they will get the hint.


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