This 2 piece whale flower vase is a creation of Alessandro Bêda and it gives you the impression of a submerged whale squirting flowers on your desk.

We have always been an advocate of bringing plants inside houses (Exhibit 1A: Rooms With Plants , Exhibit 1B: Flowers on Balconies) But we need a provision for containing plants, don’t we?
Here is another interesting concept from Vitamin Living. The I.V. Self Watering Plant pot comes with a height adjustable metal rod, a refillable I.V. bag and a flow regulator that allows you to set watering rates to suit your plant.

This flower vase by Teori is prime example of how bamboo can be used in making household objects.

A minimalistic vase

Bud vase that has openings for multiple flowers

If you are the type of person who is not sure when to water your plants, you will love this vase

Maybe you are the eco-conscious type. You will like this flower vase made from a used bulb.

Shiva flower vase


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