Here the attractive and contemporary apartment design by Neopolis. This modern apartment design are located in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia and use red, black, and white color to complete the decor. There was a request from the owner to hang as many possible pieces of furniture to the wall, without his legs – for automatic vacuum cleaner. The color of the floor and doors was created – in oak, but other colors were chosen in the philosophy of less is more.

 Apart from red, black and white is no longer a single color – gray, which makes the whole interior of this minimalist apartment less aggressive. The designer also created a small bar next to the kitchen to eat express. For occasional eating is not a trimmer with the drop table for 4 people in the room. Beside this trimmer is only a few pieces of furniture in the room – large red sofa with coffee table, and box of audio and video with TV. This apartment was simple, minimalist but very pleasant and still stylish.


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