A surreal bedroom with great view

Sometimes we make these posts cover general topics like foyers or bathrooms but occasionally we go as specific as to even deal with a specific colour like green living rooms or white dining rooms. This post about bedrooms is actually quite random. We just compiled a list of beautiful bedrooms we saw around the net of late.

The focus is the painting here. Very overpowering.

If you feel that there is another beautiful bedroom out there that needs to be featured here at Home-Designing, please mention that in the comments.

Bedroom with tub visualized
A view from the same bedroom (but from the other side)
 Artistic, with Wall Art
 Modern, but still with an oriental flavour.
 Very Modern, check out how the lighting shows up the details on the wall surface at the back
 Cream coloured bedroom

 Distinctly Feminine, Purple
 Soft, Fresh & Classic.
An ordinary room, brought to life by huge wall prints.


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