1. The Lady with an Ermine, Da Vinci

Hanging a painting can significantly alter the mood or atmosphere of a room. In this post, we will give you some general tips to keep in mind while hanging a painting and also list out 10 of our top favourite artworks.
Claude Oscar Monet was a founder of French impressionist painting, and his painting of the Parc Monceau is typical of Monet’s tilt towards Impressionism.

2. At The Parc Monceau, Monet

Painting Hanging Tips

1. Hang the painting at eye level. A common mistake people make is to hang the painting too high. Hanging the work at eye level ensures that the viewer is able to take in the whole picture without too much effort.
2. If you have a large space on the wall, you could either hang a single big painting or a collection of smaller paintings to fit the space. Hanging a single small painting in a big blank wall would look awkward.
3. To make a room look larger, try hanging a painting that has a distant horizon. If your ceiling is too high, opt for a painting that has a wide horizon that would prevent the viewer from gazing upwards. Likewise, if you have a low ceiling choose a painting that has strong verticals. Also, a dark room can be made to look lighter with a large light coloured painting.
4. Do not hang unsealed paintings over fireplaces. The smoke could lead to you build up on your painting.

The Star (L’√Čtoile,1878) is probably one of Edgar Degas’s most famous works. The elevated point of view for this painting and the pale shadows the light casts are its highlights. The majority of works by Edgar Degas portray ballerinas and though his style resembles Impressionist, Degas was never fond of the Impressionist Movement.
3. The Star, Edgar Degas

The 3rd most expensive painting in the world, the Adele Bloch-Bauer I, shows off the Jugendstil style with emphasis on complex ornamentation. Painted by Gustav Klimt, this painting was sold for a whooping 661 Crore rupees(US$135 million).
4. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, Gustav Klimt

If you want to be in the company of the famous, there is no painting better than this! You will find people ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to Bill Gates, Pele to Vladimir Putin, Einstein to Bruce Lee all lined up!
6. Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante, Dai Dudu

This haunting photograph is of an Afghan girl named Sharbat Gula taken by photographer Steve McCurry. The image was named as “the most recognized photograph” in the history of the National Geographic magazine.
7. Sharbat Gula, Steve McCurry

If you are looking for something that is modern, 3D rendered and simply inspiring, we recommend Self Illumination
9. Self Illumination, André Kutscherauer

10. Love Juice, Erik


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