The bathroom represents so much more than a place to maintain good hygiene. If designed correctly it can provide us with a peaceful private place to unwind from the stressful tension of the day. There are key elements to consider in creating an ambient environment that instantly mellows its company. Below are a few examples of what we thought were well done and beautifully inspiring designs to rejuvenate the soul. No matter your decorating style- lighting, color, temperature, texture, aroma and scale are all factors that create the undeniable warmth of a great bathroom.
Modern glam defines this bathroom where the eggplant color scheme keeps it feminine and warm, and the wallpaper and area rug add textural comfort.

The half wall that hugs this bath by the window gives it an added sense of intimacy and warmth.
This cozy bathroom gets lots of sunlight and a panoramic view of the outdoors.


The textured stone walls along with the tropical plant provide an earthy warmth in this modern bath.
This bathtub is tucked away in a cozy corner where the warm sunlight shines in making the experience extra special

Lime green, white and black make a sensual and casual color scheme that calms the soul.
 This gorgeous bathroom gets the dramatic effect with accent lighting.

An intensely red bathroom inspires a dark mysterious bubble bath
This grand scale bathroom showcases an elegant claw foot tub with sprinkled rose petals for aroma, exuding a feeling of elegant romance.



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