Recognized as ‘the greatest American architect of all times’, Frank Lloyd Wright was an acclaimed writer, educator, interior designer and an architect. While he worked on various designs for schools, hotels, museums, churches and offices, he also promoted organic architecture and was a leader of the Prairie School movement of architecture.

An architect who worked on more than 1000 projects, Frank Lloyd Wright’s most acclaimed project to date is ‘Fallingwater’. A house built over a waterfall way back in 1934, it has had the honor of being designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Having ranked 29th on America’s Favorite Architecture of all times, this house was the former residence of Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr.

Although Fallingwater was always available to the public before, it has now become more open to them through a new program called ‘Insight Onsite at Fallingwater’. A tour lasting an hour was offered to the public before but with the introduction of this program, the house will welcome the tourists for a special stay of two days for a sum of $1195. An overnight stay by the house with the option of spending the day on the terrace or in the rooms and lounges will now be possible.


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