If you have been a long term HD fan, you’ll probably remember our first space saving furniture post. Well, it’s time for an update. The level of sensibility and innovation that goes into creating multi-functional units is truly remarkable and well worth the quirky surprise when you realize your workstation is also your bed!
To save on space, designers these days are building in recreational equipment right into utility furniture. This ping pong table/door does take away the need for a special gaming room for playing TT.

 And let’s be honest, it has been a long time coming since we (along with our pets) have been crying out for more personal space in our ever-shrinking apartments, so what’s better than to keep hitting you with our favorite discoveries of these home design inventions?
Here is another example. Piano Table inside a dining table!

The answer is- Nothing. These pieces can make the difference between living well in a perfectly compact studio and having to pay extra rent for that 1 bedroom apartment!

Check out this Modern Dining Room set of stools, in a cube!

Which are the modern version of the Murphy Bed except this model doesn’t require clearing of space before the bed descends from the ceiling!! In fact, this bed can be leveled at three different heights to accommodate your other furniture. How conveniently clever is that!


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