The Liquid Lamp tells a very animated story of a clumsy moment in time suspended in motion.
Lighting probably plays the most important role in good design practice. Once you know what type of lighting you need, be it task, ambient and/or accent lighting, you can use it to good effect to change the mood of a room. Here are some fancy lights that push the very concept of what lights can be.

Pouring Light Lamp was intended to show the illusory effect of light pouring out of this shade. Is it working?

The Coffee Lights are very humorous and give the shades a soft glow while offering the practicality of task lighting in the kitchen.

This lamp can be reconfigured by disconnecting the light boxes. The pieces are held together by magnets!

This Sense Co. night table lamp is awesome for the simple fact that it holds scented oil with the dual purpose of aroma therapy.

This ‘Grass Lamp’ provides ambient lighting with an environmentally friendly agenda- to grow grass!
Designer: Marko Vuckovic
The Alien Lighting is the perfect floor or table lamp for a modern home.

This space saving slinky-like contraption is called a Curly Sue Spiral Desk Lamp by Wendy Tytherleigh
The Troja Lamp is a futuristic floor lamp using LED’s for those who love the innovative precision of many modern designs.


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