1. Change Things around
Here is the thing. Sometimes, we already have everything that we need. It is just that they are not in the right place and we tend to get used to an item at a particular place and forget to try something new. So move things around! It might be helpful to first make the changes on paper and then see if they fit or look good.

The times maybe tough but it doesn’t mean you have to live shabbily! Here are a few inexpensive ways to decorate your home and beat the recession!

2. Spruce up the walls with black and white photos
Don’t go for expensive posters. Hang black and white prints of your old photos or use some of your own self created artwork on your walls to make them look artistic, relaxing and unique.

3. Old Sofa? Not Anymore
 Just because your sofa doesn’t cut it anymore in terms of looks doesn’t mean you put it up on your next garage sale. It’s surprising what a slipcover can do. They are inexpensive, avaliable nearly anywhere and here’s the best part: they can be removed and washed.

4. Bring in the plants, people
We have said this before and we will say it again. There is no denying the freshness that green plants bring to the room. Besides adding to the decor, plants improve the air and keep the room cool and fresh. And you probably own them now!

 6. Show off your collections
 We all tend to collect something. Try to use your collection as part of the decorating. For example if you collect miniature cars show them off. In addition to the decor, you will surprised to find people actually contributing to your collection.


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