In a guest bedroom, H. Alex Sanchez stacked two tufted headboards and installed a custom frame around them.

Shortly after launching his own firm, DC-based Renaissance Design, H. Alex Sanchez landed a spot on season five of the HGTV reality show “Design Star.” Though he’s not a fan of reality TV, Sanchez credits the show with giving him validation in the eyes of potential clients. “It opened so many doors,” he says. “Now I can flex my muscles and do the type of work I want to do.”

A light palette and "suitlike" upholstery create a masculine vibe.

Ever since the show aired, Sanchez has been in demand, especially among the bachelor crowd. For a condo design, he selected a light palette and upholstery in a “suit-like material” for a crisp, masculine look. In a guest room, he stacked two tufted headboards on a wall and installed them with a custom wood surround; a smoky purple accent wall adds a bit of drama. And he chose low-slung furnishings and an earth tone color scheme in a sophisticated entertainment space.

hosing low-slung furnishings and earth tones for an entertainment room.
A native of St. Croix with a degree in architectural design, Sanchez says that a Virgin Islands upbringing has influenced his work. “I think it has made me fearless in my approach to color,” he says. “I always bring in some sort of organic element, and I like things to be a little bit off-centered. Nothing is structured in the islands—everything is kind of free-flowing.”


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